Bathroom Makeovers Continue!

Petworth Cottage is proud to share new updated photos of our bathrooms which have had a makeover! Our Residents have been enjoying these used spaces. We hope you like what we have achieved so far!!      

Download the PCNH 2023 Christmas Quiz

To download the PCNH 2023 Christmas Quiz as a PDF, please click upon the blue link below. PCNH 2023 Version 1 online single pages (1) You can win one of the cash prizes by answering just ONE question correctly! CLOSING DATE 26TH JANUARY 2024 For every £5 you send us...
Introducing the 2023 Quiz

Introducing the 2023 Quiz

The PCNH 2023 Christmas Quiz is now available. You will find it on a separate page of this website Over the last two years you have helped us to raise funds to renovate and re-equip our kitchen. This year we would like to give the same treatment to three more vitally...