The PCNH 2023 Christmas Quiz is now available. You will find it on a separate page of this website Over the last two years you have helped us to raise funds to renovate and re-equip our kitchen. This year we would like to give the same treatment to three more vitally important rooms: The Staff Room. Our staff work long and often unsocial hours, and they deserve a comfortable room when they get a chance to enjoy a break. The Volunteers’ Kitchen. Likewise our team of volunteers (always room for more) who help both residents and staff by preparing refreshments and washing up afterwards deserve a well designed and well equipped space in which to do so. The Pantry. Last but not least. This is another area that needs to be refurbished and equipped with new freezers etc. The cost of all the work required is likely to approach (or even exceed) £30,000. Will you help us raise it?

Each year we hear people saying:  “I’m afraid I wasn’t able to send in an entry to the quiz as I got stuck on one question.”  But remember, in order to be eligible for some of the prizes, ALL YOU NEED DO IS TO ANSWER JUST ONE QUESTION CORRECTLY. If you haven’t completed it by (say) 22nd January, send it off anyway as the deadline for entries is 26th January 2024

If you print your entry, then you can either post it or leave it at  Austen’s Home Hardware in Petworth, Midhurst and Billingshurst, who have kindly agreed that you can leave your entry with them (in an envelope please) for collection by us.  We are very grateful to Austen’s for providing this facility. If you wish, you can instead send your entry electronically. We are finding that fewer people want to use cheques these days, and that some people don’t even have a cheque-book, so once again this year you will be able to make your donation by electronic banking. Full details on how to do this are on the quiz form.

Shortly after the competition is over, the answers will also be available on this website, but if you would prefer to receive them by post, then please send an SAE with your entry.

Thank you for your support. Your comments on the Quiz are always welcome. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO ENTER, EVEN IF YOU CAN’T ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS! And please tell all your friends. 


And finally…

May we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.