Thank you to all who entered the 2020 quiz. We can’t possibly acknowledge every donation, but we are grateful for them all! Thank you also for the kind remarks which many of you add when sending in your entries to the quiz. Some of you commented that the quiz had provided a welcome distraction whilst locked down. Perhaps that accounts for a really wonderful result.

As we usually receive some late donations and have expenses to meet, it is too early to say how much we have raised, but it is clear that you have enabled us to leave our target of £25,000 well behind us!

We think the quiz was harder than usual this year. If it was, then this was not intentional. As we know all the answers before setting the questions, it is hard to judge the difficulties.

As you can see, there were a couple of ambiguous questions in section A. In future, we’ll try to avoid questions that lead to too many different answers.

Without further ado, here are our answers for the 2020 Christmas Quiz

Section A: Miscellaneous, All involving the letter I

  1. The holly and the ivy
  2. The luck of the Irish
  3. To add insult to injury
  4. No room at the inn
  5. The tip of the iceberg
  6. Beware the ides of March!
  7. We had ‘Invisible Man’ in mind for this, however many went for “The Iron Man”, which we will also accept
  8. An Inspector Calls. We thought this play by J.B. Priestley, televised recently, would be easier to guess than it proved. The O’Neill play is The Iceman Cometh, so wasn’t allowed. Of the many other answers suggested, allowed were any which might be considered a saying, song title etc but not those which were just any-old combination of words which happened to fit the letters, of which “An Ice Cube” was a common example
  9. Necessity is the Mother of Invention
  10. The importance of being Earnest (we allowed Ernest)

Section B To do with Clothing

  1. To fit like a glove
  2. Cloak and dagger
  3. To put a sock in it
  4. To put your shirt on a horse
  5. To have ants in your pants
  6. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt
  7. A feather in your cap
  8. To put the boot in
  9. Caught with your trousers down
  10. To throw your hat into the ring

Section C Songs from the Shows

  1. You’ll never walk alone (from Carousel)
  2. Don’t cry for me, Argentina (from Evita)
  3. On the street where you live (from My Fair Lady)
  4. Money makes the world go round (from Cabaret)
  5. If I were a rich man (from Fiddler on the Roof)
  6. Master of the House (from Les Miserables) – Some had Man of the Hour, although this is a song that was used in a film, it did not appear in a show so was not accepted
  7. Brush up your Shakespeare
  8. Send in the Clowns
  9. You’ve got to pick a pocket or two
  10. There is nothing like a dame


Section D Saints and Sinners
1. The devil is in the detail
2. …where angels fear to tread
3. The devil to pay
4. To be holier than thou
5. The good, the bad and the ugly
6. To have the patience of a saint
7. Between the devil and the deep blue sea
8. When the saints come marching in
9. To act as Devil’s advocate
10. You can’t keep a good man down

Section E To do with things found on an OS map
1. Sold down the river
2. I’m the king of the castle
3. To make a mountain out of a molehill
4. Get me to the church on time
5. You can’t see the wood for the trees
6. To fall off (or over) the edge of a cliff

7. The road to rack and ruin
8. The windmills of your mind. This song title defeated many of you.
9. Over the hills and far away
10. Go and jump in the lake!

Section F To do with the Senses
1. In one ear and out the other
2. A sight for sore eyes
3. Flavour of the month
4. To turn a deaf ear
5. To smell a rat
6. To keep your eye on the ball
7. I feel it in my bones
8. To see eye to eye about something
9. Walls have ears
10. Like looking for a needle in a haystack

Section G. Clues Instead of Words
1. (Smallish royal party) We three kings of orient are. There’s always one question which I’m surprised to find people are leaving blank. This year this was the one.
2. (Covid-aware blacksmith?) The man in the iron mask
3. (My luck at snakes and ladders) Back to square one
4. (Lots of strings attached) Tied up in knots
5. (Stuck when mountaineering) Between a rock and a hard place
6. (Colourful sheep) Dyed in the wool
7. (Nomadic singer) A wandering minstrel, I…
8. (And be prepared for quarantine) To take French leave. This one proved a challenge, perhaps because French leave doesn’t necessarily involve going to France and therefore having to quarantine. Although about 90% of you tried ‘Travel to foreign lands’, I might still have disallowed it, but the point did not arise as the entries drawn for the claret and champagne happened to have the answer I intended.
9. (Breakfast for Robin) The early bird catches the worm
10. (Don’t forget the donation) The cheque’s in post.

We hope you enjoyed taking part in the 2020 quiz. Most winners this year were from Sussex or Hampshire, though we also had winners in Norfolk and Scotland. Petworth scored one winner, Midhurst two! If you didn’t win then better luck next time. The result of the “Invent a Saying” competitions will be decided soon and posted on our website We won’t forget to do it this year!

From all of us at PCNH, we would like to extend a special thank you to Andrew and Anne for their continued hard work in assembling and running the quiz.