Here is the PCNH Christmas Quiz 2018. Closing date for entries is 24th January 2019. Remember that you only have to get ONE answer right to be eligible for some of the prizes.

PCNH Quiz 2018 Download Link (PDF File)


Print off the form. When you have answered as many questions as you can, complete the details at the end of the form. Please do not forget to insert details of your donation, even if you are paying by bank transfer.


Send the entry by post to PCNH Quiz, 25 Wey House, Spiro Close, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1FE


Scan your entry and send it by email to
Note: Apart from acknowledging your entry we will not send you any further emails as we do not maintain any list of email addresses, even for those people who are happy for us to send them mailings by post.


If you are sending your entry by post, then you can either include your donation (cash or cheques payable to “PCNH” please) or you can pay by bank transfer.

If you are sending your entry by email, or if you are sending it by post but prefer to pay by bank transfer, then please send the donation to

Petworth Cottage Nursing Home Friends Account 60-16-27 89092562
ADDING AS A REFERENCE AS MUCH OF YOUR SURNAME AND POSTCODE AS SPACE WILL ALLOW. Unless we have a reference, we can’t promise that you will be entered in the Quiz.

Please note: a Gift Aid declaration should not be made if you are arranging payment from Charities Aid Foundation.


In the past we have been happy to send copies of the Quiz by post to those on our mailing list. If you send in your entry by email does it make sense for us to send you copies by post next year? Well, strangely enough, we think it does. It will act as a reminder to you that the quiz has been published, and will also supply you with copies for you to send to your (perhaps less computer-savvy) friends and family. So, we invite you to tick the box on the form headed “Please send me the quiz next year”. We will then retain your details and send you next year’s Quiz. PCNH will not pass on your details to anyone else (apart from HMRC if you have signed a Gift Aid declaration).


One of the reasons why this Quiz has proved so popular over the years is that people have been happy to pass on copies to friends and family, perhaps by tucking one in with a Christmas card. For those who want it “real” copies will continue to be available, but as we move into the electronic age, we expect more and more people to go over to doing the Quiz on-line. If you are one of them, please don’t forget to recommend it to others. If you would like copies to send them then by all means please contact us on, or simply print off copies of the form above. Please don’t forget to spread the word!