This year attracted more entries to this part of the Christmas quiz than previous years – perhaps lockdown gave you all more time to work out your answers. They were of a higher standard than usual, and certain themes emerged, some of them (as usual) distinctly un-PC. The sequence of letters GAT lead to an enormous number of entries involving gin and tonic, and the letters MW gave rise to almost as many involving malt whisky. For some reason toupées were a common theme this year.

As usual a panel of judges voted, Eurovision style, for the entries they thought best (without incidentally knowing who had sent them) and this year they awarded the prizes as follows:
The most inventive or ridiculous:
Always start Mondays with gin and tonic – ten o’clock‘s happy hour.

The one sounding most like a real proverb:
A sensible man wears gloves attacking the top of holly hedges.

One winner was from West Chiltington, the other from Loxwood.

It has been pointed out that we forgot to post the results of the 2019 competition where the letters were ASWINGTTOES. The winning entries for that were:
The most inventive or ridiculous:
Apaches say: wise Indians never give tomahawks to overly excited squaws The one sounding most like a real proverb:
A shop which is never going to tempt one eventually shuts.