Are there choices of food to account for personal tastes? 
Yes, personal likes and dislikes are listened for at all times and wherever possible included.

My mother is heartbroken at leaving her dog. Would she be allowed to come with us to visit?
Of course pets are allowed to come with relatives.

Is it possible to bring in some of my father's pictures and possessions?
Yes we encourage people to bring things which remind them of home.

What are visiting times? 
We are happy to receive visitors at any time as long as our resident wishes it.

Are meal times set rigidly? 
We usually try to have lunch about 12.30pm but this can be altered as suits and other meals also.

My father does like a cup of tea. Is it available freely? 
We have a team of volunteers who bring coffee and tea etc to residents during the morning and afternoon and in between our carers would be happy to make a cup.

If my mother deteriorates would it be possible for one of us to stay with her overnight? 
Yes, where possible that is made available.

How many staff are there to each resident?
During the day we keep a ratio of 1:5 residents and during the night 1:8.

We are worried that my mother will get very institutionalised. Are there any facilities for trips out and what about hair dressing etc?
We are able to arrange for local visits where possible and relatives are free to take residents home for visits too. We also arrange for outside agencies to visit for hair dressing, nail care, chiropody and other facilities on request. This includes local religious attendance.

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